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April Renegade

Ash Lancing
I've been enchanted by him ever since I first heard his laugh—before I saw his face, before we talked, before—everything. He saved me when I needed saving the most, but I'm about to ruin it all. I don't know how to keep the pieces of my world intact otherwise.


April Renegade:

Want MORE of Ash Lancing and Drew Dawson?


In the Bonus Chapters, read about the duo's first Christmas together, and flash back to the present to experience their Wedding!

transient creatures
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Kandace and Jazz were childhood best friends. After Kandi enters high school, Jazz cuts off their communication completely--even when she begins dating his brother. 

After breaking up with Jazz's brother, Jazz comes back to play. Now that he's the lead singer of up and coming band, Transient Creatures, Jazz takes Kandi on a rollercoaster ride full of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Naturally. 


A Mare's Nest
A Mare's nest Series Book One

"I had no choice. I had to go—for my son, my father, and all the poor souls left on Earth. I always knew our planet was doomed. I just never figured it would be during my lifetime."

When the Fester takes over the Earth, the plants begin to dry up and wither away. The animals and humans succumb to disease and die long, excruciating deaths.

When world-renowned wildlife biologist, Dr. Daphne Blaine, is recruited by NASA to join a crew in order to find a habitable planet, she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter. What else can she do? Say no?

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Fly the Nest
A Mare's Nest Series Book Two
A Mare's Nest Series Book 3.png
A Mare's Nest Series Book three

Dr. Daphne Blaine has been through a lot in the last few months--surviving a worldwide pandemic that attacks not only humans but all living things on planet Earth; being recruited by NASA and shooting off to the stars alongside her father and young son; and now, flying off to a foreign planet in a space shuttle to search for life.

In the sequel to A Mare's Nest, Daphne will have to face more than her nightmares could have ever conjured up, all while dealing with her greatest fear that she might not make it back to the mothership, the Hippogriff, where her father and young son await.

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