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Kandi McQueen was done with him.
Now, Jazz Lewis wants her back.

She’d convinced herself she’d be fine without him ever coming back into her life after he dropped her without an explanation years ago. Then, halfway into her senior year of high school, he does just that. Now, Jazz is the lead singer of Transient Creatures, an up-and-coming rock band that has the potential to make it big. While Kandi is worried that the Jazz she knew disappeared along with his presence long ago, Jazz can still read Kandi like all the classic novels they bonded over when they were kids.

When Kandi and Jazz reconnect, Kandi is thrust into Jazz’s world of living under the blinding lights of the stage, and all the vices that go with it. Now, Kandi must decide if Jazz Lewis is worth breaking the rules for.

News & Updates

The Write Women Book Fest

Come join me in Bowie, Maryland in July of 2025 for an awesome book signing, panels, and more! 

Sinful Signings

Come join me in Roanoke this September for an awesome book signing, panels, and the Black
Masque Ball!

Sinful Signings Pre-Orders

Already planning on attending Sinful Signings 2024? Order books and swag ahead of time, and I will make sure
your goodies are ready for pickup
at the event.



“I was transported and completely encapsulated through the last page. This is a beautiful and at time frustrating love story. But, aren’t all of the great ones?”

-Amazon Reviewer 

“If I was not completely aware of this being a debut novel from the fact that the author told me when approaching me about doing an advanced read, I would NEVER HAVE GUESSED. I mean seriously, who comes out of the gate with a five star book? Apparently, B. G. Wolfe does.” 

-Goodreads Reviewer

"The story of Ash and Drew might be one of my favorite love stories I have read.  Between the cute way they met, how much they admire each other for their talent, and their love for one another both as partners and as individuals made them so real."

-StoryGraph Reviewer

April Renegade

“By far my favorite Rockstar romance I've ever read and in my top 10 overall favorite books. Simply put, I'm obsessed with Ash and Drew. Their love story hurt in all the best ways."

-Goodreads Reviewer


Transient Creatures

“These characters have so much depth and have been written with so much care and understanding that my mind boggles at how BG manages it. This book broke but in true BG fashion it put me back together again.”


-Goodreads Reviewer

“This book turned me into a book goblin who thinks sleep is for the weak. My heart. I wasn’t expecting it to get so involved. But I was invested from the beginning and loved the growth that happened. And holy hotness, the spice in this was on point.”


-Amazon Reviewer

“Transient Creatures is a heart gripping story. This story was relatable with characters reminding me how hard being a young adult can be for many people. I highly recommend this book. It is an emotional rollercoaster that will not be easily forgotten.”


-Goodreads Reviewer

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